How We Roll - What to Expect

Every church family has its own signature "feel".  The New Hope experience, from what we're told, is one of warm welcome.  We enjoy a traditonal Southern Baptist style of worship in a casual atmosphere.  There is ample parking, and we ask that you keep the front of the building clear for pedestrian traffic.  One of our ushers can assist you if necessary.  At New Hope, you will find a diverse membership; and because of this diversity, you will see attire ranging from suits and ties to jeans and t-shirts.  What's most important is not your attire, but your decision to join us. We have a nursery available during Worship Service for children ages 4 and under.  It is located in the Sunday School wing behind the Sanctuary.  Children age 4 through grade 3 have an opportunity to participate in their own Children's Church services, which are designed to grow their understanding of basic Bible doctrine and to teach the more common elements of worship.   The children leave with their teachers for childrens church before the sermon begins.
Despite a heritage stretching over more than 160 years, New Hope is not a staid, stodgy old church, but a dynamic spiritual organism empowered by the Holy Spirit.  We strive to share Christ with one another and with people we meet.  We take the Great Commission seriously, even if we don't always take ourselves seriously.  
Personal connections matter to us, and even though we have been growing very quickly, it is important that we remain a church where people are knit together in fellowship and support.  
We are also a church that believes in growing disciples.  Our various ministries provide opportunities to learn about God's word and then to apply those lessons in our community.   
We strive to be Christ-like in our daily living through a total commitment of life, personality, and possessions to the Lordship of Christ.