New Hope Baptist Church
Monday, April 21, 2014
Serving the Lord in eastern Orange and western Spotsylvania counties since 1857

Just for You...

Recurring Events:

Every Sunday...
     Sunday School - 9:45 AM 
     Worship Service - 11:00 AM  
Every Tuesday...
    Bible Study- 10:00 AM   
Wednesdays are Family Night!
     Choir Practice - 6:15 PM
     Youth Meeting - 7:00 PM
     Prayer/Bible Study - 7:00 PM 
The New Hope Tea Ladies are proud to announce the arrival of the
2013 New Hope Baptist Church WMU Cookbook
"Recipes from the Heart"
If you are interested in ordering a cookbook please send $10
(plus $4 for shipping) along with your name,
address and phone number to
New Hope Baptist Church WMU
32250 Old Plank Road
Mine Run, VA 22508
  31             Choir Practice (7-8:30 pm)
  02             WMU Food Pantry (9AM-Noon)
                            Adult Bible Study/Youth (7PM)                          
  07             Church Council Meeting (7PM)
  08             Morning Bible Study (10AM)
  09             WMU Meeting (10AM)
 Bible Study / Youth (7PM)
  11             Men's Bible Study (7PM)
  13             Palm Sunday/Cantata
  14             Deacons' Meeting (7PM)
  15             Morning Bible Study (10AM)
  16             WMU Food Pantry (9AM-Noon)
                   Adult Bible Study/Youth (7PM)
  18             Good Friday/Upper Room Service (7PM)
  19             Tender Warriors' Work Day
                   Sunday School Easter Party (2PM)
  20             Sunrise Service & Breakfast (7AM)
                   No Sunday School
                   Worship Service (10:45AM)
  22             Morning Bible Study (7PM)
                   Ladies Fellowship (6:30PM)
  23             Adult Bible Study/Youth (7PM)
  28             Communication Committee (7PM)
  29             Morning Bible Study (10AM)
                   Goshen Spring Meeting (2-4PM)
  30             Business Meeting (7PM)